Report: Staff Hunting in Terrokar Forest

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Report: Staff Hunting in Terrokar Forest Empty Report: Staff Hunting in Terrokar Forest

Post by Arasali on Sat May 24, 2014 11:20 pm

Three Braves went  to go get Wood for a greenhorn's  replacement staff.
Things were going well until they were set upon by the indigenous  wild life.
Managing to overcome the Lizards with relative ease ( thanks to a few Critters)) the Braves hacked down the tree
Then were attacked by a large spider guarding her  now crushed eggs.
After a long manly fight the braves overcame the odds and killed the spider.
Then we went home with the wood and Niiata portoled the  spiders carcass  into the Basement of the Pig

"Waste not Want not"

Monny if you are reading this hands off I'll be cooking dinner soon enough.Spider stew Yuummy!

((Just hit me that we should let slip that we have a giant spider corpse in the pig to piss off the local spider people XD))

P.S. Anyone who wants to  extract some venom can

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